Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Environmental / site-specific sculpture

My second site-specific sculpture on the trail that runs south out of Landrus. Don't see anything eh? It's a stone wall type sculpture that follows the contour of the rocks on either side of the falls. Please click on the photo to see a larger version. See more photos of before and after the sculpture at

Landrus PA makes it to cyberspace!

Hello everyone, welcome to the (only?) internet home of Landrus, PA. What is up with this Landrus place, you ask?

Landrus Pennsylvania was a coal mining company town. Located approximately 10 miles west of Blossburg, PA and 12 miles southeast of Wellsboro, PA, Landrus was the home of the world's first electric powered coal mine.

...Landrus Pennsylvania was the home of the world's first electric powered coal mine.
Today crumbling building foundations, dozens of old rail/road grades and two momuments are all that is left at the location of Landrus.

Since moving to this area a few years ago, i've been exploring Landrus and the other ghosts towns that dot the Tioga County landscape. I find it amazing to be walking amongst these ruins that were not long ago busy and prosperous centers of the coal and rail industry of Pennsylvania.

I've created this blog to have a place on the internet where i can share history and my stories about Landrus, as i search for more information and explore the town.

I would like to invite anyone with information on the history of Landrus to share it here. I am also interested in photos, maps, books or any other Landrus relics that might be out there. Please post your information (please leave an email) or email me with questions or comments if you do not wish to post to this site. I will be posting some basic history info here, as well as some photos, and i invite anyone to send me more if you have more!

Currently, i am working with a national trail group that will be bringing this trail through the Landrus area, then north towards Hills Creek State Park, and on to NY and the Adirondacks. Although the main portion of the trail will not run directly through the main portions of Landrus, it will pass very closely to it. I am proposing to create an offshoot trail to Landrus.

Part of my motivation for this is creating a sculpture trail - i have already done two environmental/site-specific sculptures on this trail, and i am proposing to do a restorative/commemorative sculpture project right in the town of Landrus.

Thanks! i hope to hear from some other folks interested in Landrus. More info to come, please email me for more info or to contribute.

Sarah Gilkinson