Thursday, October 11, 2007

'Tis the Season...

Another season of exploring is almost upon us! If it would only get cold outside and frost (did I actually admit that I DO want that? I'll be bitching about the cold in another couple months!)

Despite the warm temps and DRY, snake-friendly weather, I have already been getting into the bushwhacking mode. I've got a few Landrus based goals I'm working on for the cold winter months:

- Label my Landrus Photos in the Photo Gallery - Yes, I know, long time coming! I apologize for not having this done yet, life is hectic! Part of the labeling process is to start including location in labels/descriptions. As the official Landrus map is yet to come (see next goal) I will be labeling the locations of items in the photos with general locations only, not only due to difficulty describing the actual locations (without GPS coordinates), but also because I hesitate to disclose the exact locations of some of these spots! It's not as if I'm hiding anything - these spots are actually easy to find and just require a keen eye and little extra off-road looking (and maybe creek crossing!)

So for now, I'll be labeling the photos in regards to their side of the creek and whether they fall to the east or west of the "four corners" on Landrus Road (this is where the stone marker is located). Sure, still a bit vague, but it will give some idea of general location. So here's what it will look like:

"N" or "S" - North of Babb Creek or South of Babb Creek.
"E" or "W" - East of the marker or West of the marker.

- Start working on a correctly scaled map - Now that I might have a free moment to learn how to use my GPS more in-depth, I want to start mapping the town to scale. My goal is to create a map that I can use to number/label the foundations/remains and pinpoint locations of road and rail grades, bridges, trails, etc. I'm not sure how long this endeavor will take, it really depends on how the weather is this winter.

- Create a full on Landrus Website! - Not that I don't love Blogger, but I really need a more multi-faceted output for all this Landrus stuff! Conveniently, I'm in the middle of housekeeping and remodeling for all my sites, so I hope to work on the Landrus Site when I'm done redesigning the Insan Art website. I hope to also include a section for other local ghost towns, possibly with some guest content!

- Research creating a non-profit organization for Landrus - Yes, that's right, Landrus Historical Foundation baby! I'm VERY interested in creating a non-profit committed to preserving and promoting the history and legacy of Landrus, PA. More to come on that...if you have any interest, please email me.

Check back soon, I should have a lot going on here in the next few months!