Wednesday, August 24, 2005


hmmm....i just thought i should throw this one out here. i was at Landrus on monday (july 18) and there was a man there acting very suspiciously, following me around.

i have his description and a pretty interesting story, i'm not going to post it, but if there are any questions about it please email me. it kind of freaked me out - i don't really want to have to worry about going to one of my favorite places...

...and to anyone trying to mess around down there, i carry a machete.

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theschwarz said...

WHew! A machetti! Look out! I can imagine that would be uncomfortable having someone acting suspiciously in such a remote place. I love that area too, though I don't get down there much.
I used to go out of my way just to drive the Landrus road. I do some birdwatching in the ponds near arnot, and I walk the powerlines too.
I'd like to find the areas of the falls and that big outcropping that you took pictures of.
I hope you don't run into the strange man again!