Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Photos!

I have many new photos up on my Landrus Gallery. They were put up to accompany the paper I wrote recently for school on Landrus. Please check them out (link above).

Anyone interested in a tour/hike at Landrus, please email me at

There are many new developments in the exploration of the area. More to come, as always!


Anonymous said...

I have been to much to explore there! Why are so many interested in the spring and it's location though?

Sarah Gilkinson - Insan Art said...

Could you please email me? I thought I had disabled the ability to leave anonymous comments.

Anyways, the spring is important because it is one of the remaining landmarks that appears on a "map" of Landrus. It is a crucial part of knowing where everything else is, in relation to it.

I also find the springs to be interesting because they were the main source of water for much of the town vs wells. There is only one well in Landrus, there are countless spring houses. There was also water piped down from Bear Run in wooden pipes to the "downtown" and water piped over from Nickel Run for the steam generator at the mine.