Sunday, March 16, 2008

Full Landrus Website

SOON! (later than sooner) But, soon there will be a complete Landrus website! I'm just working on the full layout and getting together the exact content, but the full Landrus, PA website is in the works!

The website will be a hub for information on both Landrus the town AND Landrus the man - Henry Jackson Landrus that is. H.J. Landrus was a foreman with Bloss Coal Company whom the town was named after. He never lived there himself but he is forever connected by the namesake.

I frequently receive inquiries from folks asking about both Landrus situations, so I felt it is only appropriate to feature both on the website.

I hope to have the site up by May. We'll see how things go!

1 comment:

Augustine said...

I would interested in your site on Landrus. My mother's family first started there. Any old school shots or the like you come across would be neat. My grandfather worked in the coal mine and made enough money to buy the family farm in nearby Oregon Hill. I now own that farm.