Monday, May 19, 2008

1st Blossburg Geocache Event!

Hey Geocachers! I just wanted to let you all know that I've put together a small geocache event for Blossburg VIBE and it will be starting this Friday, May 23, 2008.

You may or may not know, the Blossburg State Coal Festival is this weekend (actually starting on Wednesday) and Blossburg VIBE wanted to try something fun and original to coincide with the festival.

And...the 1st Blossburg, PA Geocache Hunt featuring historic locations around Blossburg was born!

This is our first geocache event and we have only 3 caches, just to kind of test the waters. If things go smoothly, we hope to do another, larger event in the fall that would include locations in Blossburg, as well as Fallbrook and Landrus.

If you're not interested yet, we also have a few prizes to offer from some great sponsors! Wild Asaph Outfitters (Wellsboro, PA) has donated gift certificates, coupons and free rental tickets, Angelina's Pizza (Blossburg, PA) has donated gift certificates and Blossburg VIBE has furnished their awesome personalized water bottles - each cache will be contained in one of these bottles, while there will be a second bottle attached as a prize! (I will also be randomly placing more "prize" bottles on the caches after Memorial Day weekend/the other prizes are gone).

So, get on over to Blossburg for some geocaching and the State Coal Festival. For more information on the geocaching and coordinates, please visit:

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