Monday, May 19, 2008

New Forest Sign Vandalism

(please click on image to see it larger!)

Landrus is no stranger to sign vandalism (or other vandalism) - see my previous post about this other sign at Landrus.

This is the latest. I was out doing some maintenance on my portion of the Mid State Trail and taking some GPS readings on foundations when I found this sign ripped out of the ground. It marks (or marked) the split on the old rail grade between the Mid State Trail and the road up to the former location of the Landrus mines.

As I came upon it from down the trail it looked like a tree had fallen on the sign. On further close inspection however, it has clearly been pulled out of the ground (unless, it just happened to fall over due to the moisture in the ground, but I, doubt it...). Close views of the hole (below, left) and sign (above, right) both how they were found. I managed to stand the sign up and prop it up on a tree between the split in the trail, so if you're out there on the trail, you'll know where you're going...

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